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Info for restaurants & takeaways

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Local customers are looking for you online. Make sure it's you who gets their order!
  • Tiffin Tom is the UK's leading online free takeaway website
  • We attract visitors whom have interest or love to eat out

  • There are over 14 million people regularly online who order a takeaway twice a month
  • Put your menu on our service and you'll instantly connect with local customers already ordering over the internet

We work hard for you

  • We'll make you your own FREE website with a direct link to your menu.
  • We promote the website we build for you on search engines like Google and MSN and Yahoo
  • You will be supported by a dedicated customer care and account management team
  • We invest more in marketing than any other of our service in the sector, making sure the orders keep coming.

      • We can give you your Own APP Epos Website and attract local Delivery Drivers.

      How Tiffin Tom works

      • Customer finds Tiffin Tom on the internet or on their smart phone
      • Customer enters their location to find the restaurants that deliver to their area
      • Customer orders from the online menu
      • Customer pays by card or cash on delivery
      • Restaurant receives the order on a printed copy straight to their Tiffin Tom terminalor Epos System or Smartphone.
      How to find out more

      Call us on 08712 884044 or email us at admin@tiffintom.com

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